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Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Marketing, Sales

Tips for Generating New Leads: 41-50

Tips for Generating New Leads: 41-50

Generating leads is essential to a sales agent. That being said, ask 50 agents for their most successful lead generating technique and you will probably get 50 different responses. That is exactly what the staff at LifeHealthPro did.  Afterwards, they published ten tips per week until all 50 was published.  We will do the same so be sure to keep checking back.

Tip #50:  Create a marketing strategy to-do list with the following tasks to optimize your time and budget.

  • Update your website and make sure it contains a prominent call-to-action.
  • Maintain a current prospect list.
  • Use social media outlets to capture a wider audience.
  • Periodically assess the effectiveness of your lead-handling process.

Tip #49: Ask the right questions to find the best referrals.  Clients are usually not the best at determining who is a strong prospect.  Instead of just asking your client for a name and phone number, probe your client to find out who in their circle may actually have a need for your services, and then ask for a direct introduction.

Tip #48:  Maximize internet usage to engage prospects and make a good first impression. Make sure your credentials are clearly visible and easy to find on your website so clients can see your experience. Host webinars and promote them on your website.

Tip #47: Have a solid understanding of your prospects and what they may need in order to make a decision. Don’t try to rush prospects into a face-to-face meeting or making a decision before they are ready or you may lose then for good.

Tip #46:  Network with your network by using social media outlets such as LinkedIn.  This is easily done by going to the profile of someone already in your network and browsing through their connections.  Make sure you feel comfortable enough with this person to ask for a referral.

Tip #45:  Ask new clients for leads including colleagues and companies they do business with who could also benefit from your services.

Tip #43:  Create informative and fresh content to generate leads.  The content should include the most important questions and answers to your clients delivered in different formats such as blog posts, videos and PowerPoint presentations.  Businesses with the best content will be the most visible on the Web, especially on Google.

Tip #42:  Everyone loves freebies and your clients are no different.  Give away educational resources in exchange for contact information.  You can advertise the freebie on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tip #41:  Don’t hesitate to specialize, it may increase your value because you may be able to come up with solutions a generalist cannot.  Specializing will also allow you to clearly define, in great detail, your ideal client and how to target them.