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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Marketing, Sales

Tips for Generating New leads 11 – 20

Tips for Generating New leads 11 – 20

This is Part 4 of the continuing weekly series counting down 50 lead generating tips from 50 sales agents as compiled by LifeHealthPro.

Tip #20:  Use secondary offers to increase leads without spending any additional money.  Secondary offers are usually aimed at reaching a large group of people who may not be ready to meet in person.  Many sales professionals already have a direct mail promotional campaign in place and send out thousands of mailer each month.  A secondary offers campaign can be added to the mailer campaign such as offering a free quote, educational video or something else of value for download.    Prospects that take advantage of the secondary offers are showing interest and they could be ready to commit to a sale in the near future.

Tip #19:  Not everyone needs your product or service, it is best to identify your target market and focus your efforts on reaching them.  Knowing your target market will also help you to determine where to go, what to say, who to meet, and how to look for referrals.

Tip #18:  Individuals needing business loans often times are required to purchase a life insurance policy to cover the amount of the loan.  Get acquainted with the loan officer of your local bank to distinguish yourself from other agents in your area. Focus on unique aspects of your company and invite the loan officer to give you a trial run.

Tip #17:  Work to create vocal advocates of your business with the intent of building a lucrative referral network.  If a client offers you a nice lunch in response to the excellent service you provided, let them know you would like to accept their offer however would appreciate it even more if they could tell their friends about the excellent service received.

Tip #16:  Host educational seminars and workshops at no cost to the attendees.  A group setting is a non-threatening way for prospects to get to know you, see the type of work you do and what you provide.  One-on-one meetings can seem intimidating to some people especially if they have never met you.  Additionally, since seminars are considered a public service, they can be held in neutral locations such as the library, restaurants or association rooms.

Tip #15:  Send out personalized messages to prospects instead of automated ones. The message should make the reader feel important, point out any common interests and include how you can help them.  Personalized messages are a key way to acquire and retain prospects while building relationships.

Tip #14:  Talk to clients about all items they have the potential to benefit from, even those that could result in the cancellation of a policy.  That insight may lead to other opportunities such as the client using the premiums saved on one policy to purchase another policy.

Tip #13:  When you have genuine interest in what you do, people will naturally be more interested in what you do.

Tip #12:  Surprise and delight.  Show your top clients that your service isn’t only about things that make you money.  Do something to amaze them.  For instance, one sales agent found a golf ball while at the beach. The golf ball had found its way ashore from a cruise ship.  The agent gave it to a client whose son collected golf balls.  It became his prized possession and the agent was given several referrals, all at no cost.

Tip #11:  If you offer life insurance, ask your client if they have term insurance.  Depending on the age, needs and circumstances, your client may need to convert it to a permanent policy, rewrite the policy, or purchase additional coverage.  In just about every situation, you have the opportunity to benefit your client as well as to make a commission for yourself — a win-win for everyone!