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Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Marketing

Tips for Creating a Marketable Blog

Tips for Creating a Marketable Blog

By now you probably know the importance of blogging when marketing your business or yourself.  Regardless of the industry you are in, the same general principals apply to all blogs.  The topic of your blog isn’t as significant as the details that make up your blog.

Follow the tips below to create a highly marketable blog that attracts readers.

Tip#1 – Have an enticing headline that will leave the reader wanting to know more.  A short, one sentence subtitle can be used to elaborate on the description.

Tip#2 – Use an image with a teaser caption.  Putting captions under images usually results in many more reads than even the body of the article.  By placing an image with a caption near the top of the blog, it can work in tandem with your enticing headline.

Tip#3 – Have a story structure with a beginning, middle and end.  Most business blogs involve a problem that needs to be solved and how to solve it.

Tip#4 – Provide quotes and reputable sources to show authority.

Tip#5 – Create an emotion behind what you say and it will motivate readers to share it with others.

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