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Posted by on Aug 21, 2013 in Social Media

Successfully Utilize LinkedIn To Market Your Agency

Successfully Utilize LinkedIn To Market Your Agency

Can you name the one underutilized social network platform insurance agencies ignore in their marketing efforts.  If you said LinkedIn, you would have guessed right.

LinkedIn brings together business professionals and companies in one location to socialize with peers, fill job positions and offer industry news. Yet insurance agencies haven’t been eager to use this platform, as many of them can’t see the benefits or simply don’t know how to use it to gain more exposure.

Use the following tips to optimize your agency’s presence on LinkedIn so you can generate leads and connect with business clients.

1) Revamp the insurance agency’s company page layout. You can now add new designs to your agency’s page that allows you to add images.  When business clients can put a name and a face to an agency, they feel more comfortable when working with those agents. They can also browse your services through the new Products and Services feature.

2) Create a video for your agency’s page.  Videos help explain the agency’s mission statement, talk about the insurance products offered and allows people to see who runs the office.  If you are a brokerage who is currently recruiting insurance agents, you can talk about the great aspects and working environment of your agency.

3) Post agency status updates to LinkedIn. When you post updates, people can see how active you are on your company page. They know it isn’t simply an inanimate billboard to redirect them to your agency website. This tactic gives people the ability to ask questions and gain information without being ignored. You can also add follow and share buttons on your agency’s page to grow your reach.

4) Track how much buzz your page is getting. LinkedIn allows you to track the buzz your page is generating, as you can know what people are saying about your insurance agency. You can use this valuable information to further enhance your brand as well as focus your marketing efforts on topics that people are most interested in.