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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Marketing, Sales

Use Social Media to Ensure a Great First Meeting

Use Social Media to Ensure a Great First Meeting

When it comes to selling, the more you know about your customers before contacting them, the better your chances of success. Social media channels provide multiple sources where information about prospective clients can be viewed.  Do your research and get to know clients before contacting them for the first time.

Social media selling tips that will help prepare you for making that initial sales calls:

1. Google.  Perform a search of your prospective client name and see what comes up. Take note of such information as pictures, charitable contributions, associations and social media channels they belong to in order to get a clear picture of your prospect.  Think of conversation starters you can use based on your search results to increase the likelihood of a successful outreach.

2. Twitter.  Look through your prospects business contacts to see if you recognize anyone or have a mutual contact.  Read through their tweets, retweets, favorites, and who they are followings.  This is a good indication of the type of content and issues they feel are important.  This information will help you to customize your first communication with them.

3. LinkedIn.  Look up your prospective clients’ page to understand their group engagement.  LinkedIn is the hub of most individuals digital, social and business lives.  Study the wealth of data you can find on LinkedIn to get to an understanding of your clients’ needs.

4. Blogs.  Find out if your prospective client has a blog site. Reading someone’s blog will give insight into their communication style, opinions and what they value.  Take note of the topics being written on and how they respond to other people’s comments.

5. Facebook.  Learn more about your customers’ personal interests from Facebook.  Try to find an interest you have in common so you can establish a personal connection.  Tying in a personal passion during a meeting is a great way to make an authentic connection.

Before picking up that phone, be sure to go through all five steps and be better informed about who is answering on the other end of the line.