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Posted by on Aug 18, 2013 in featured-feed

Soaring Eagles Have a Great View

Soaring Eagles Have a Great View

Health insurance agents who attain Leading Producer Round Table’s Soaring
Eagle status are leaders within our industry.

Soaring Eagles’ faith about their future in our industry is inspirational because of how their optimism frees and liberates them to become unabashed students of our industry, enabling them to better serve their clientele.

The more you learn about the health insurance business and healthcare reform, the more immune you’ll be from the effects of negative peers and media. Recently, several agents approached me about some troubling articles about the future of agents. I found the articles to be flawed, to say the least. Out of curiosity, I read about the authors and discovered that one was a retired toy company executive and the other was a producer for a worksite benefits firm whose motive for scaring agents away from traditional health insurance towards the sale of worksite benefits was self-evident. Neither one of them had any experience whatsoever in our business. Yet, here they are writing articles as if they do.

Soaring Eagles look past these kinds of things. They know what they know and march forward. Soaring Eagles know that health insurance professionals have a vibrant future. They are optimistic individuals who are students of our business and pave the road for others to follow. Those who recognize and embrace these fundamentals know this to be true and will achieve success in every meaningful way. Soaring Eagles not only better serve their clients but they’re also in a position to make a significant contribution in the way our nation finances its healthcare.