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Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Social Media

The Proof in the Social Media Pudding

The Proof in the Social Media Pudding

It’s time to put to bed any remaining fears about social media being a part of your business’ marketing future. Think it’s only for children? Studies show the average LinkedIn user is 41 years old. Still feel more comfortable with a pencil and paper than you do with a keyboard? If you can turn on your computer and compose an email, you have enough “computer savvy” to effectively use social media to grow your business. There’s no getting around it. Social media is the marketing tool for the future and the future is now. Not convinced yet? Hopefully the following facts will help:

Search Engines Incorporate Social Media into Their Results

If you Google me, you’ll find my pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and whatever other social media site I subscribe to among the top results. Social media sites experience as much or more traffic as any other type of site on the web. It’s almost like the 405 Freeway of websites… minus the multiple hour delays in gridlock of course. Thusly, search engines like Google and Bing treat them with priority when listing results.

Your Clients AND Your Competition Use It

Does this sound familiar? “Like us on Facebook and get 20% off your next purchase.” That line, or something like it, has been used by every company with a Facebook page. Does it work? Well, the next time you walk into a store, ask yourself, if they offered me 20% off of my purchase, would I accept it?  Exactly. Sure, as an agent, you don’t exactly have a say in what the carriers are charging. But the same way you wouldn’t turn down getting an offer of 20% savings, a business owner is very likely to be intrigued by reading something to the tune of, “XYZ Insurance Carrier is having a great promotion on group health insurance. I may be able to save you X% on your monthly premiums.”

The Old Fashioned Way is Still Best

Even with all the sophisticated technology out there, the most powerful marketing tool for your business is a personal referral: One human being telling another that they trust you. It has been this way for thousands of years, since cavemen where carving wheels out of stone, and will still be this way thousands of years in the future when we have flying cars and can travel at light speed. Social media makes it possible to put your personal referrals and endorsements in front of hundreds of people instantly! And it only takes seconds for a happy client to do one for you.

Still not convinced?

Okay, here’s some more food for thought:

  • Facebook has approximately 850 million active users.
  • The “like” button is used nearly 3 billion times a day. Why shouldn’t some of those likes be for you?
  • Approximately 1 million new Twitter accounts are added daily.
  • The United States has more Twitter users than any other country with just north of 100 million.
  • There were more than 4 billion professional searches performed on LinkedIn in 2011.
  • Google+ is one of the fastest growing sites on the internet, adding hundreds of thousands of users daily.
  • Every social media site has a mobile app. There are nearly 100 million smartphones in use in the United States, and about one billion smartphones in use worldwide. So one billion people can access their social media essentially whenever they want, whether they are near a computer not.
  • YouTube is one of the top five most frequently visited websites in the World, with some statistics showing it as high as third.

It’s huge, it’s important, and it’s easy. And if my 81-year-old soon-to-be grandmother in law can navigate Facebook with the greatest of ease, so can you.

Torsten Sporn

Frequent Social Media User