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Posted by on Nov 29, 2013 in Education

NAHU’s Third Quarter Highlights

NAHU’s Third Quarter Highlights

In Washington, DC and across the United States
NAHU staff made quite a few visits to Capitol Hill and government agencies in the third quarter of 2013, lobbying and representing NAHU:

  • 96 visits to Capitol Hill and federal agencies on  NAHU’s legislative priorities.
  • 23 political meetings and 7 federal agency meetings.
  • 77 fundraisers on behalf of HUPAC.
  • 10 briefings from inside-the-Beltway groups.
  • 9 hearings and 47 coalition meetings.

NAHU staff, members and state lobbyists also made numerous visits and calls to state legislators and regulators and reinforced our presence nationwide.

NAHU in the Media

  • NAHU was featured 2,638 times in a variety of different media, including the Associated Press, CNN, Reuters, Yahoo! News, CNBC, ABC, CBS MoneyWatch,  Dow Jones, Politico, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Kaiser Health News and Congressional Quarterly. Over 1.2 billion people read the articles, listened to the radio spots or viewed the television spots where we were featured.
  • We issued 13 press releases and media advisories at the national level on important issues such as changes to the NAHU board, the delay in the      employer mandate, exchange issues and the uninsured rates.
  • We issued seven letters to the editor and three op-eds on issues such as the deductible cap and exchanges.
  • We updated both the Medicare Brochure and the Consumer Guide to Health Insurance Brochure as well as the Press Conference Guide.
  • We presented a media training webinar on Writing for the Media and published 12 issues of the Media Moment.

Papers, Policy Documents and Charts
NAHU staff and committees produced the following documents used for federal and state legislative and regulatory activities:

Comments and Testimony

Grassroots Efforts
One of our greatest assets is our voice on important issues of the day. We frequently use Operation Shout at the federal and state level to make our voice heard. During the third quarter 6,283 Operation Shout messages were sent.

Travel to NAHU Chapters and Industry Groups
NAHU staff traveled across the country in the third quarter of the year, visiting NAHU chapters. Among those visits were:

  • National Republican Congressional Committee,  Farmington, PA (July)
  • Chicago, IL (July)
  • Joint Executive Committees Meeting, Chicago, IL (July)
  • National Conference of Insurance Legislators, Philadelphia, PA (July)
  • National Conference of State Legislatures, Atlanta, GA (August)
  • Orlando, FL (August)
  • Greater Phoenix AHU (August)
  • Southern AHU, Tucson (August)
  • Alabama AHU Symposium (August)
  • Kansas City AHU (August)
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Indianapolis, IN (August)
  • Louisville AHU (August)
  • New Jersey State of the State, Trenton, NJ (September)
  • Chicago & Northeastern Illinois AHU Annual Healthcare Expo (September)
  • Detroit, MI (September)
  • New Hampshire AHU (September)
  • San Antonio AHU (September)
  • Houston AHU (September)
  • Greater Central New York AHU, Syracuse (September)
  • Rio Grande AHU, Albuquerque (September)
  • West Texas AHU (September)
  • Lubbock AHU (September)
  • Virginia AHU Conference (September)
  • Columbia AHU (September)

NAHU Educational Developments
NAHU hosted a pre-conference workshop on PPACA Implementation Part I and Part II at Workplace Benefits Mania 2013 on July 30 in Las Vegas, NV.

NAHU instructed two Classroom PPACA Certification Courses in Orange County, CA on August 19 and Houston, TX on September 20.

NAHU instructed eight DC Health Link Exchange Trainings in Washington D.C. and Maryland during the third quarter.

PPACA Certification Course
We had 609 individuals register for the PPACA Certification Course and had 623 graduates of which 374, or 60%, are members.

Compliance Corner
NAHU held complimentary member webinars on the employer mandate delay, how the ACA impacts dental coverage, HIPAA/HITECH, the FLSA exchange notice and minimum essential coverage.



  • We produced three editions of the Health Insurance Underwriter Magazine, which focused on selling dental and vision, NAHU’s new leadership and the recipient of the Harold R. Gordon Memorial Award.

Leading Producers Round Table
Three hundred and seventy three members were recognized as the best of the best.

  • 143 Soaring Eagle qualifiers
  • 73 Golden Eagle qualifiers
  • 74 Eagle qualifiers
  • 48 Lifetime qualifiers
  • 35 President’s Council and Leading Producer qualifiers

Click here to see a complete listing of these qualifiers and for more information about the LPRT program.

Our Chapters
Nine chapters qualified for the prestigious Blue Ribbon of Excellence during the third quarter of 2013: Colorado AHU, Idaho AHU, Indiana AHU, Maryland AHU, Michigan AHU, Missouri AHU, North Carolina AHU, Oklahoma AHU and Ohio AHU.

Seven chapters qualified for the esteemed Platinum Certification: California AHU, Central Kentucky AHU, Columbus Ohio AHU, Massachusetts AHU, Metro Denver AHU, Sacramento AHU and West Michigan AHU.

Sixty-two chapters qualified for Gold Certification: Atlanta AHU, Baltimore AHU, Baton Rouge AHU, Capital Area AHU, Central California AHU, Central Florida AHU, Central New Jersey AHU, Charlotte AHU, Cincinnati AHU, Clark County AHU, Coastal Bend AHU, Coastal Empire AHU, Dallas AHU, Desert Cities AHU, East Texas AHU, Eastern Idaho AHU, Eastern Shore AHU, Fort Worth AHU, Front Range AHU, Golden Gate AHU, Greater Bloomington AHU, Greater Central New York AHU, Greater Washington AHU, Gulf Coast Florida AHU, Houston AHU, Idaho AHU, Indiana AHU, Indianapolis AHU, Inland Empire AHU, Jackson AHU, Los Angeles AHU, Louisiana AHU, Lubbock AHU, Metro Detroit AHU, Michigan AHU, Missouri AHU, New York AHU, Metro New York AHU, North Carolina AHU, North Coast AHU, Northeast Indiana AHU, Northeast Ohio AHU, Northern Colorado AHU, Northern Jersey AHU, Northwest Indiana AHU, Northwest Ohio AHU, Ohio State AHU, Oklahoma State AHU, Orange County AHU, Rio Grande AHU, San Antonio AHU, San Diego AHU, Silicon Valley AHU, Southern Colorado AHU, Southern Idaho AHU, Southwest Indiana AHU, Springfield AHU, St. Louis AHU, Texas AHU, Texoma AHU, Treasure Valley AHU, Triangle AHU, Tulsa AHU, Ventura AHU, Virginia AHU, Western North Carolina AHU, Western Reserve AHU, Western Rockies AHU and Wisconsin AHU.

Twenty-six chapters qualified at the Silver Certification: Acadian AHU, Coastal North Carolina AHU, Colorado AHU, El Paso AHU, Florida AHU, Greater Northern Indiana AHU, Heart of Texas AHU, Iowa AHU, Lincoln AHU, Maryland AHU, Monmouth New Jersey AHU, New Jersey AHU, North Idaho AHU, Northeast Georgia AHU, Northern Michigan AHU, Oklahoma City AHU, Omaha AHU, Panhandle AHU, Portland AHU, Sandhills AHU, South Central Indiana AHU, Southern Arizona AHU, Southwest Michigan AHU, Triad AHU, West Texas AHU and Western Piedmont North Carolina AHU.

If you believe the work NAHU does is important, take a moment to think of those you know who would benefit from NAHU membership and pass along this information to them. New members can enroll online here.