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Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in featured, featured-feed, Healthcare Reform, Individual, Large Group, Sales, Small Business, Small Group

Increase your sales with PRO Census

Increase your sales with PRO Census


Are you an insurance broker who wants to sell more group medical policies in less time?

If so, an efficient and cost effective solution to speeding up work flow and increasing quoting activity and sales is PRO Census (patent pending).

PRO Census is an online data collection tool that enables brokers to easily gather information about their employer groups and submit to health insurance carriers to calculate premiums and generate quotes.

PRO Census provides brokers with a link to send to the employer groups. The employer can email the link to all employees who may privately and securely enter census data for themselves and their dependents.  Name, date of birth and home zip code for each enrolling family member is all that is needed.

Employees can use any internet enabled device, including tablets and smartphones, to enter in the information. If the employee does not have access to the internet, the employer can enter the information on behalf of the employee.

The employer can monitor the progress of the employees’ data entry and with one click of a button, notify the broker that all the data has been entered. Then, when the broker is ready, the census data can be uploaded from PRO Census for fast quoting.

If only everything were this simple and quick!

Watch the demo then contact Warner Pacific to see how PRO Census can change the way you quote.