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Comprehensive Human Resources Solutions

Warner Pacific has partnered with HR360, HRAnswerLink, Mosaic Employer Solutions and Infinity HR to provide comprehensive human resources solutions to today’s small business owners. Scrutiny will be higher than ever in the postHealthcare Reform world and compliance is of the utmost importance.

The award-winning HR360 Gold Library provides access to Healthcare Reform information as it happens, state-specific employment laws, interactive guides on successful employee management, customizable employee handbook and more than 500 downloadable forms and posters. The cost? Free for Warner Pacific brokers! Account upgrades are available.

HRAnswerLink offers a fully branded human resources website and access to online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients may be able to completely outsource their human resources functions with an upgrade option that include unlimited phone or email HR consultations.

Infinity HR provides advanced automated human resources related activities. Their system enables employee benefits and human resources to be housed in one centralized location. With the Premium Version, employees are able to enroll and Zpdate their benefit information themselves. Attendance, time off tracking and performance management are just a few of the features available through Infinity HR.

Mosaic Employer Solutions features payroll, human resources and labor management support at a significant cost savings. Mosaic offers dedicated office specialists to your clients for one-on-one customer support. Complete tax and compliance management is also available. All functions are performed on one platform for custom reporting capabilities. The employee and management selfservice website gives access to online enrollments, pay statements, W2 forms, paid time off balances, benefit statements and much more.

Providing comprehensive compliance and HR tools to your clients will set you apart.

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