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Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Healthcare Reform, Individual, Small Group

Covered California Public Outreach

Covered California Public Outreach

Telling people about Covered California and what the program can do for them is the first step toward increasing the number of Californians that purchase health insurance and the number of California small businesses that offer health insurance to their employees. That is why Covered California‘s marketing plan includes a variety of outreach and education efforts that together will:

  •  Educate Californians on the benefits of having health insurance
  •  Maximize enrollment of Californians in Covered California
  •  Encourage insured Californians to retain their existing coverage
  •  Continue to ensure the availability of affordable health insurance for all eligible Californians

The public awareness campaign will encourage consumers to contact a Certified Insurance Agent, a Certified Enrollment Counselor, or Covered California for more information.


The marketing plan for Covered California uses a variety of channels to create awareness and promote the benefits of using this one-stop marketplace for affordable, quality health care options and insurance information.

The messaging and materials used in these channels will be distributed in up to 13 languages and targeted to effectively reach specific market segments. Channels include:

  •  Television
  •  Internet and social media (YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  •  Radio
  •  Community outreach
  •  Special events
  •  Direct mail
  •  Outdoor advertisements
  •  Mobile phone/ SMS
  •  Magazines
  •  Newspapers