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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Marketing, Sales

Celebrity Endorsement in Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement in Marketing

Using celebrities to help businesses market their products and services in commercials and print ads was a great idea. People felt as if they knew and could trust celebrities, having seen the athlete, musician or actor for years on television, movies and magazines.

That perception may be changing.

According to a recent study by Ace Metrix, a television analytics company, this trend is reversing. Celebrity endorsement today may not be valued as much and may even negatively impact your marketing campaign.

Why the change?

There are three possible explanations:

1. It is more difficult today for most people to find the connection between a celebrity and a product. When there isn’t a relevant connection, the advertising messages can across weak and have minimal impact on the public.

2. The fees paid to the celebrity have risen substantially.  Celebrities have asked for more than $1 million for 30 seconds of television advertising. Businesses will do better to invest those funds directly into the production values of the ads themselves.

3. Facebook and other forms of social media make it easier today for people to share opinions and recommendations about products and services.  The average Facebook user has about 200 friends.  Almost 90% of people today admit they are influenced by family and friends when it comes to making decisions on purchasing goods and services. Organic, genuine outreach on social media trumps paid celebrity endorsement.

Compelling and creative content filled marketing campaigns will outperform those that rely on celebrity endorsements.  The best option is to use a combination of social media channels to run a successful advertising piece.