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Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Lifestyle

Caffeine Free Energy Drink by Pepsi

Caffeine Free Energy Drink by Pepsi

There is a great interest among consumers today for healthy beverages that increase energy without the use of caffeine. By substituting natural Chinese herbs for caffeine, PepsiCo hopes to develop such a beverage.

PepsiCo currently has a patent application for creating a healthy beverage with natural Chinese herbs that help to increase stamina without producing adverse side effects. The Chinese herbs Duan-Geng-Wu-Jia, Gou-Qu-Zi and Huang-Jing have been well known for their therapeutic properties for years. Studies reveal that these herbs are also quite effective in alleviating fatigue and sustaining energy. PepsiCo is currently exploring the potential of using these herbs to create a non-caffeinated energy drink that can boost energy levels and improve sports performance.

Recent experiments of beverages containing these extracts were conducted using human volunteers; 80% of the volunteers experienced an increase in their energy levels within only an hour of consuming the beverage. In further tests conducted on mice, the herbal extracts relieved tiredness and extended endurance levels.

If PepsiCo decides to develop this healthy living energy beverage, it will have little trouble finding a target audience.