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Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Social Media

Burglars use Facebook

Burglars use Facebook

As part of an effective marketing campaign, your social media sites should be accessible, current and informative.  But is it possible to provide too much information?

An increasing number of burglars are using Facebook to target individuals who are away from their homes.  They go into public profiles and search for users who have posted their plans online.  Individuals may be on a long vacation out of the country, a quick weekend getaway to wine country or even a company sponsored event.   It doesn’t matter to the burglar as long as your home is empty.    Since the burglar knows where you are or where you are going, they usually have a pretty good idea of how long they have before you return and are able to plan their crime accordingly.

Facebook can show who has checked into airports, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and even the shopping mall.  They have a location sharing feature where locations are added to your posts and friends can see where you are so they can meet you there.

There are safety measures you can take:

  •  Turn off the location button or change your location after it has been posted.
  • Choose who sees where you are by deciding the audience for what you share.
  • Update your privacy settings to review things you’re tagged in before they are posted on your timeline.

More than one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day.  A strong presence on Facebook leads to recommendations between friends.  With the right settings, Facebook can be an excellent addition to a marketing campaign.  But remember, when you publicly post where you are, you are also telling people where you are not…which is at home.