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Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Social Media

How to Attract Gen D

How to Attract Gen D

It’s hard to believe that as recently as 2010 there was doubt surrounding the value of social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Three years later, many industries have grown to integrate social media into their marketing budgets and have found real value in its use.

There is a growing population called Gen D where the “D” stands for digital.  This group includes multiple demographics and represents more than 75 million people.  What brings them together is their adoption of technology, particularly in their use of digital and social channels in almost every aspect of their lives.

In order to build trusting relationships and capture the attention of this group, agents will have to go digital.   Start by updating your webpage and social media networks with the most up-to-date information available.  Adopt digital technology in marketing and selling strategies.

Top reasons agents use social media:

59% – Getting answers to clients quickly and easily

58% – Increasing touch points with referral sources

58% – Keeping current with industry news

Still skeptical?  A recent survey conducted by Accenture provides statistics about how social media has helped others.

  • 77% of participants confirm digital interaction helps with client retention
  • 73% say it has led to an overall increase in client interaction
  • 40% say they have gotten new clients through Facebook
  • 25% say they have gotten new clients through LinkedIn
  • 21% say they have gotten new clients through Twitter

Given the growth and opportunity of digital and social technology, it is important to speak the same language as the population you are trying to attract.  Most people prefer to work with people that have a commonality with them, and Gen D clients are no exception.