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Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Lifestyle

7-Eleven Brand Organic Snack Foods, do you buy it?

7-Eleven Brand Organic Snack Foods, do you buy it?

In a brave move to cash in on the convenience store “snack market” that is so prevalent across the country, 7-Eleven chain stores have launched their own brand of organic snacks. The store’s “better for you” healthy snack series include such favorites as dried fruits, trail mixes and veggie chips.

The way in which 7-Eleven chooses to market their own-label products will play a key role in how they compete with premium snack brands. The company is already packaging their snacks in 7-ounce clear plastic containers, similar to the packaging of their competitors. They are also considering placing their own-label snacks alongside premium brands on their store shelves to further promote a measure of equivalency between the two brands.

By putting their products on equal footing with premium brands, 7-Eleven hopes to attract consumer attention to their new organic snack series – which promotes a healthier living standard – and successfully boost their product sales.