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Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Marketing, Sales

5 Strategies for Successful Sales

5 Strategies for Successful Sales

Getting customers to commit to purchasing a service or product is a challenge all sales representatives face. The guidelines below can help increase your chances of closing that sale.

Get to the Point – Once you have the prospective customer’s attention, start presenting your services or products right away. Don’t waste valuable time with small talk that can lead the conversation astray.   Try to quickly show that you did your homework and can meet a need in a specific manner.

Keep it Simple – Avoid technical jargon and lengthy explanations. Keep your presentation direct and easy for everyone to understand and follow along.  Customers should not need an explanation of your presentation, they should be able to understand it right away.

Meet Customer Needs – Focus on finding out the needs of the customer by asking open-ended questions and carefully listening to the answers. Next, see how your product best serves his interests in filling that need.

Make It Count – Make sure your customer knows the benefits of what you have to offer and how your product can have a beneficial impact to his world.  For example, as a health insurance broker, it may be important to be able to explain how the product you offer has a web portal that employees can use to help them clearly understand their health care options.