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Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Marketing, Sales

2014 Marketing Trends for Upcoming Businesses

2014 Marketing Trends for Upcoming Businesses

Keeping up with current marketing trends is key to helping your business grow in 2014. The following are three top trends worth exploring.

#1.  Online Video – As the most engaging of all media, online videos continue to be a hot marketing trend for 2014. Video-friendly mobile devices and Google’s search-friendly applications add to the popularity of using videos in marketing campaigns.

#2.  Mobile device – Hard to believe but not everyone had a smart phone, and even fewer had tablets such as the iPad last year.  2014 promises to be the year of the smart phone and tablet with more consumers then ever having both items.  Savvy business owners will take advantage of responsive web design to market their products and services.  Responsive web design means that the site design will look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop or laptop.  The number of mobile towers are also increasing and as a result, networks are getting better and faster.

#3.  Social Media – Although it has slipped from the #1 spot it held a few years ago, social media will continue to play a key role in business marketing plans. Sites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are leading the way.